Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Optimus Prime Skin Minecraft

Turning back to Transformers – a famous movie of Hollywood, players will get an opportunity of meeting Optimus Prime again in a free skin from Minecraft. Not watching any part of this film, they are led to Minecraft skin editor – the best space where there is an abundance of features to design lots of new and cool skins for this character. Don’t hesitate any longer! Prove that you are excellent designers right now, all players! As for several points about Optimus Prime, being the commander of the Autobots, which is known as a faction of all transforming robots coming from a distant planet named Cybertron, he must control them to battle against rival forces. Further, Optimus Prime, who wants to dedicate his life to the peace of mankind in the Earth is also described as a character of righteousness and justice. Now, start making the skins for Optimus Prime according to your imagination through Minecraft skin editor, players!

How to play:

Design a variety of new skins for Optimus Prime by using the mouse.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stormtrooper Skin Minecraft

Minecraft has taken another character called Stormtrooper of Star Wars to its product – Minecraft skin editor, and it has recreated a special image of Stormtrooper according to its specific designing way. Now, let’s contemplate this image in a free Minecraft skin! As for the profile’s Stormtrooper, he is referred to as one of the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire. In some aspect, Stormtrooper is truly symbolic of terror and brutality. One special feature about Stormtrooper is that he is distinguished from other soldiers by his white armor as a signature. Today, players have rights to change his skin through using many different functions in Minecraft skin editor. Set out to work that now since it is probably the best opportunity to help you improve the designing skills, players!

How to play:

Use the left mouse to create a lot of cool and new skins for Stormtrooper.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Free Skin Minecraft Clu

Not designing various skins for familiar characters in most Minecraft games such as creepers, zombies, skeletons or Minecraft guys, Minecraft makes a decision to give players a fictional character Clu appearing in Tron: Legacy which is widely known as a 2010 American science fiction movie, and published by Walt Disney Pictures. Let’s take a look a free skin of this character! It will be better if you help him possess more beautiful skins through using Minecraft skin creator and your designing abilities, players. Don’t get worried about how to create the skins because Minecraft skin creator consists of a wide range of drawing tools, painting tools, decorative patterns, and other handy things. The above things are all what players should use for the designing process. Get ready? Let’s create the most prominent skins for the main character Clu in Tron: Legacy right now, all players!

How to play:

Create a variety of skins for the main character by using the mouse.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Darth Vader Minecraft

A masterpiece named Star Wars turns back. For all people who love this work, a product of the Minecraft designers, Minecraft skin maker will give them a chance of meeting Darth Vader again. Do you remember that Darth Vader is portrayed as one of the center antagonists appearing in many parts of Star Wars? However, at the beginning, Darth Vader was originally a Jedi named Anakin Skywalker, and then he has fallen to the dark side of the Force. Now, players are offered an available skin of this character designed by halucid, but if not feeling content with this current look, they can make it cooler and cooler through advantageous functions of Minecraft skin editor. What do you think about that? It’s amazing! Get ready to turn yourselves into the best designers of Darth Vader? Come on!

How to play:

Use the left mouse to create many cool and new skins for Darth Vader.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

RoboCop Skin

RoboCop, who is referred to as the center protagonist in a 1987 American science fiction action film which is his namesake, comes back to people who have known and loved this character and his just deeds, but not on TV or any video game. RoboCop is exactly a free skin emanating from the Minecraft world. How will you think if the appearance of RoboCop becomes more and more handsome? That’s so great! Do you wonder how to change his current skin? It’s so easy! The Minecraft producer has provided players with the best environment probably called Minecraft skin editor to freely create hundreds of the new skins following their favorites. In fact, Minecraft skin editor is an application containing the abundance of decorative patterns, stuff and drawing tools which can help the players turn the current skin of RoboCop into the surprising ones. Here we go!

How to play:

Use the left mouse to design many different skins for RoboCop.

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