Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crusader Minecraft Skin Creator

After creating a lot of skins, players are suggested that they should continue this job with another soldier also coming from the Middle Ages called Crusader. As you know, the most prominent feature of this protagonist is a red cross appearing on his armor, and this is exactly the best sign to indicate that he is a warrior in Crusades which are referred to as religious conflicts in the ancient history. After learning more about information on the Crusader’s origin, the players should start their main work here; it’s surprised that they can make a variety of impressive skins for the main character through Minecraft skin creator – a handy application emanating from Minecraft. Specifically, using available decorations and various drawing tools throughout the designing process is all what the players will do here. Let's go!

How to play:

Design a lot of skins for Crusader by using the left mouse.

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