Thursday, August 8, 2013

Space Explorer - Minecraft Skins Maker

Hey kids! Probably, the dream of becoming space explorer frequently swims around your mind, and there are definitely a lot of wonderful figures which you want to possess when this dream can come true. Thus, why don’t you use an application named Minecraft skin editor from the Minecraft world since it’s regarded as the best space to freely make the expected skins for the Space Explorer? Wow! That’s amazing! Try it now! However, everything will begin from a free Minecraft skin of this character, and it’s easy to find that he owns a futuristic space suit with golden visor and jet-pack. Now, if not being content with this look, players should utilize all features lurking in Minecraft skin editor such as painting tools, and decorative items for turning the available skin of the space explore into the most impressive and surprising ones. Hope you are satisfied with the work as designers here. Come on!

How to play:

Create various skins for the space explorer by using the left mouse.

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